Zomato issues statement after receiving backlash for ads featuring Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif – read here

Food delivery aggregator Zomato has changed the food delivery and dining system in the country. Will many of its facets are appreciated, Zomato’s recent ads featuring Bollywood stars Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif have faced backlash from social media users. 

Zomato has now reacted to the negative feedback where users said that delivery partners (DPs) are treated badly and have released a statement clarifying that the intent behind the ads was to make the DPs the hero.

In the ad with Hrithik, when the delivery person rings the doorbell, he is surprised to find the actor behind the door. Hrithik then asks him to wait for a selfie and goes inside to get his phone. In the meantime, the DP gets a message for another delivery and he leaves his chance of clicking a selfie with Hrithik and the ad says, “Hrithik Roshan ho ya aap, apne liye har customer hai star (Because whether it’s you or Hrithik Roshan, every customer is a star for Zomato).” 

Similarly, the ad with Katrina Kaif also treads on the same line. The actress tells the delivery partner that he can’t leave before having cake. When she coms back with the cake, the delivery partner had set off for another delivery. 

These ads were criticised on social media for being tone-deaf and at a time when gig worker payouts and their poor working conditions have come under the scanner. Netizens also pointed out how the ads show that Zomato delivery partners don’t have even a minute for themselves to rest. Zomato was further slammed for spending large bucks on celebrities instead of paying their delivery partners well. 

In their response, Zomato said that the ads were conceptualised six months ago which was, “long before any social media chatter around gig worker payouts/ working conditions.” They added their “ads are well-intentioned, but were unfortunately misinterpreted by some people.”

Read the full statement of Zomato here:

Zomato in its statement acknowledged the social media chatter around gig workers and their poor working conditions. Lately, there have been increased demands that Zomato and other food delivery aggregators to work towards the betterment of the delivery associates, who have raised issues on less wage, long working hours and strict delivery timelines. 

“We understand that you expect more and better from us,” Zomato said in its statement. 

“Our delivery partner Net Promoter Score has increased from -10% to 28% (and continues to rise). We will also, very soon, publish a blog post explaining why we think our delivery partners are fairly compensated for the work/time that they put in,” it concluded. 

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