What made singer Neha Kakkar go into depression before she got married to Rohanpreet Singh, Deets inside

‘Dilbar’ singer Neha Kakkar got happily married to Rohanpreet Singh last year in October 2020. The wedding was a close-knit affair with only close friends and family. Post-wedding, the couple appeared on the singing reality show ‘Indian Idol’ and many others. 

But there was a time when Neha was utterly heartbroken and went into depression. Neha was dating ‘Yaariyan’ actor Himansh Kohli and had made it official in on ‘Indian Idol 10’. The couple was high on love and PDA while dating each other. But, the relationship soon hit a rough patch and they decided to end it. 

While all this was happening, Neha’s name was being linked with singer Vibhor Parashar. Both the singers were also doing a music concert together at the time which only fueled the rumours. Unfortunately, Neha was already dealing with a break-up and before she could recover, the new controversy took place. This led the singer into a depression to such a point where she even considered committing suicide. 

At the time Neha turned to her social media and fans for help and understanding. She had written, “I am not physically and mentally in good condition while writing this. But I had to speak. Those people do not even think that I am also someone’s sister or daughter. I have worked so hard my whole life and took full care to make my family feel proud. Do good to those who are not part of my family. Why do they spread such rumours? Don’t even think about how it will affect someone’s life. Even if he is a celebrity, but before that he is a human being.”

Reassuring her fans that she will be fine, she further wrote, “Stop being so stone-hearted. Stop talking about someone’s personal life or character. Stop judging, making people feel embarrassed. Do not do anything to such an extent that the person goes into depression. If you are someone’s father or brother, would you do the same to your daughter or sister? Stop making people feel bad to such an extent that they start thinking about ending their life. People who care about me, don’t worry I’ll be fine. Bad times, they will pass. I want to be fine by all means. But if you really care and really want to do something then try to change this world. Stop spreading such rumours. Saying ‘no’ to such news makes people’s lives worse.”

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