Watch: SRK’s ‘Raees’ co-star Mahira Khan says she isn’t ‘rich’, clears the air about her nose job and secret marriage

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan who grabbed media headlines for her stunning debut in Bollywood opposite superstar Shah Rukh Khan in the 2007 film ‘Raees’, recently opened up about battling anxiety and stress, and various other questions that she has been posed with over the years including if she got her nose surgically enhanced and her secret marriage. 

In the recent video shoot for her digital venture Mashion, Mahira Khan calmly answered all the infamous queries and assumptions about her personal life and revealed if there was any truth to them. 

The first assumption made about her was that she is ‘secretly married’. Mahira replies saying ‘No, I am not secretly married,” and asks fans if they can spot any ring on her fingers as she holds hands up to show it to the camera. “Do you see a ring? If I do get married, then I will let all of you guys know. And do you think if I was married, all of you guys wouldn’t know? Kyunki yeh log Stories aur yeh sab lagate hai (Because now, everyone puts up Instagram Stories and things like that). Come on! I am not married, I am not even engaged,” Mahira added.

She then mockingly asks Siri to call her ‘secret husband’. “Siri (virtual assistant on her phone), I would like to call my secret husband,” she said. As Siri’s voice says, “Calling secret husband,” Mahira remarked, “Haw!”

For the unversed, Mahira was previously married to Ali Askari. The couple got divorced in 2015 and now the actress is a single mother to their 11-year-old son, Azlan.

Another fan assumption was that she has signed a film with Hollywood star Tom Cruise, to which she jokingly said, “Tom, my love, I am so sorry that this has leaked. I tried to hide it for so long. I am sure you are excited and I am sure your team has leaked it. But anyway, I’ll see you soon!”

When a fan mentioned she isn’t as rich as she looks, Mahira replied in the affirmative saying, “You are absolutely right in guessing this. I don’t know how rich do I look, but I am not as rich as people assume me to be. I don’t have a line of cars, a private jet, and a team…that is not my life. But, I am very grateful for what I have and whatever I have is enough. 

Yet another fan assumption that Mahira answered was whether she has gotten a nose job. On being asked if she has gotten a nose job, Mahira replied, “Okay, you have got to zoom in to my nose. I have not gotten a nose job. If I had gotten a nose job, I would have been like… And Babar wouldn’t have to contour so much.”

Mahira also opened up about facing body image issues, dealing with anxiety, stress and revealed how even a caption of hers gets blown out of proportion. “It would be a lie if I said that I struggle with body image issues. But I can empathise with body image issues. Everyone’s on social media, you don’t need to be a celebrity to go through that. Because the kind of images we are constantly putting out is unreal. I struggle with a lot of other things. I struggle with anxiety, stress and sometimes, being myself. Like, I used to be able to laugh and talk and be funny, whatever my sense of humour was. And now everything, even a caption, is taken and blown out of proportion, so it kind of makes you cagey,” she said.

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