‘TMKOC’ star Sonalika Joshi says people ask her about vacant flats in Gokuldham society, think she runs pickle business

There is no doubt that ‘Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashmah’ is one of India’s favourite TV shows. With a star cast including actors like Dilip Joshi, Munmun Dutta, Raj Anadkat among others, the show has managed to keep its top position even after a decade since it first broadcast. Like many actors, Sonalika Joshi who plays the Madhavi Bhide also became a household name after appearing on ‘TMKOC’.

The show has a mass fan following of every age and gender. In a recent interview, Sonalika said that fans have praised them a lot but her favourite moment is when wives of Indian Army men compliment them.

While speaking to ETimes, Sonalika said, “There are many heart touching fan moments especially the ones when army wives have come and told us how TMKOC has helped them come out of depression as it was very difficult for them to stay away from their husbands. They have shared with us that the show has entertained us and made them realize that they are a part of our family. These messages and blessings are very big for us and it can’t be compared to anything. This shows how attached they are with our show. We feel so happy when they say we are their family and because of us they have a smile on their faces when they watch our show.”

Sonalika also shared that people often mistake their reel selves for their real selves and thought she is actually married to Mandar Chandwadkar who plays Atmaram Bhide.

“There have also been funny incidents like they feel we are for real. I meet many people who ask if we have a vacant flat in our Gokuldham society. They feel that I run the pickle and papad business and I am a dealer who can help them with flat (laughs). Then I explain to them that it is a set and when we go inside from the balcony there is nothing inside. It is only a wall inside and it is not true. They don’t believe it,” Sonalika said.

She added, “There have been so many instances when people think that Bhide (Mandar Chandwadkar) and I are husband and wife. Initially, when Mandar and my family would go together to a restaurant and we would sit with our real families, fans would come to us and ask if we were husband-wife in real life. They would not care that we are sitting with our family.”

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