‘They were chasing us on bikes’: When Janhvi Kapoor escaped from the paparazzi in ‘Fast & Furious’ like situation

Boney Kapoor and late actress Sridevi’s daughter, Janhvi Kapoor has become one of the most loved stars in Bollywood within just a few years. Janhvi made her debut in 2018 with ‘Dhadak’ opposite Ishaan Khatter. She not only has a massive fan following but is also a favourite of the paparazzi.

Janhvi’s photos and videos after her gym workout often take the internet by storm. Recently, while appearing on the first episode of ‘Star vs Food 2’ along with her trainer and friend Namrata Purohit, the actress revealed how they once managed to escape from the paparazzi and the ensuing car chase situation made it feel like a real like ‘Fast and Furious’ moment.

In ‘Star vs Food’, celebrities have to cook a meal under the guidance of a master chef. In the show, Janhvi prepared a couple of Korean dishes for her friends.  

Sharing a story of Janhvi hiding from the paparazzi, Namrata said that there was this one time, for some reason that Janhvi didn’t want to get clicked at the gym. To this Janhvi replied and said, “Because I wasn’t supposed to be at the gym, I was supposed to be home, tired and sad.”

Namrata continued, “So, she told me ‘Namo, you have to help me, they can’t see me, they can’t click me whatever.’ So, we sent her car from the other side. I felt like a horrible person because those guys (photographers) outside are actually sweet guys. But it was just like a situation that she needed to get out of that day. So, her car went the other way and the paps followed her. She’s jumped into my car, and we’ve gotten out. And then we have this whole chase going on. I felt like I was in Fast & Furious.”

To this Janhvi added, “They were literally chasing us on bikes, and we were going around in her car and we had to stop at some dingy location and then I had to get back into my car. You know the amount of times I have hidden in the trunk of my car? So many times! There’s always a blanket in my car. There’s always a blanket every time I am at a place I am not supposed to be at or with someone I am not supposed to be with.”

The actress will be seen in ‘Star vs Food Season 2’ which premieres on September 9 on discovery+. Meanwhile, on the work front, Janhvi will next star in ‘Dostana 2’, ‘Good Luck Jerry’ and ‘Mili’.

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