Tanishaa Mukerji opens up on constant comparisons with sister Kajol

Veteran actor Tanuja’s younger daughter Tanishaa Mukerji recently recalled the time when she was relentlessly compared to her sister, actress Kajol who has had a successful run in the film industry and continues to rule the hearts of her fans with her stellar performances. In fact, Tanisha’s mom Tanuja too was all the rage back in the day. Therefore, living up to the expectations of coming from a family of superstars hasn’t been an easy one for her, but Tanishaa chose her own path.

In a recent interaction with ETimes TV, Tanishaa, while talking about her insecurities said, “We all have been through such moments in life. Insecurities walk hand in hand with your life. If you are not insecure you won’t try to achieve more than what you have in life. There are certain points in life when you feel insecure and then you move on from those emotions thinking life is too short. I have definitely felt such insecurities.”

Tanisha also recalled the phase when she was asked to compete with her sister Kajol and was compared to her. She said, “There have been points in life in the beginning of my career when everybody looked at me and expected me to look like Kajol, act like Kajol and beat Kajol. I was like, ‘I can’t be her. She’s got green eyes, much taller than me, curly hair and she’s nothing like me.’ I am sure she must have also had it when mom (Tanuja) was concerned. We’ve dealt with that and luckily for us we have a great mother, who has this amazing confidence. She would tell us, ‘you need to shine, you are a person and you need to be yourself.'”

Sharing whether or not comparisons bothered her, Tanisha said, “These things would affect you when you are younger. Even now when people draw comparisons, I feel sad for them. It might sound a bit egotistical on my part but I don’t compute it in my brain. No two people in this world can be compared.”

Tanishaa also addressed her potential journey to motherhood. She spoke of how conflicted she felt around her 39th birthday but knew she wanted to freeze her eggs and did so after consultation. Tanishaa also revealed that she wanted to freeze her eggs when she was 33-years-old, however, her doctor advised her against it at such an early age citing it would take a toll on her health. 

Tanishaa added that motherhood is a personal choice, and it is alright for women to not have children. “It’s ok for women to not have children. That’s not the only calling in your life. It’s ok to not get married, not be in a relationship and not define yourself with a man beside you.”

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