Social media platforms ‘effectively unsafe’ for LGBTQ: GLAAD report

Noah Wagoner remembers the “disgusting” online conversation all too vividly.

In July 2020 the Seattle-based LGBTQ+ educator and activist was having an intense discussion on Facebook about Black Lives Matter and police reform with a person he knew. Then, the conversation turned toxic and Wagoner was harassed for being transgender.  

The exchange went from being “fairly innocuous evolving into blatant transphobia” Wagoner recalled as the graphic posts were “very egregious,” and unsuitable to print. Wagoner blocked the user and reported the incident to Facebook before removing the posts. He said the social network informed him that the posts weren’t a violation of its policies.

“It wasn’t surprising (Facebook) didn’t do anything, but it was infuriating,” said Wagoner, who is encouraged that GLAAD, the LGBTQ advocacy organization, is now taking the social media platforms to task calling for extensive reform with how it treats its LGBTQ users.