Sameera Reddy shares thought-provoking conversation she had with her dad about hair whitening – read post

On Tuesday, actress and social media influencer Sameera Reddy took to her Instagram handle to share yet another post about body positivity and loving oneself. A mother of two, Sameera is one of the few stars in the Hindi film industry who openly speaks about her changing body and shares posts about how she has learnt to embrace her imperfections. 

In a recent social media post, Sameera shared a couple of photos showing off her ‘white hair’. Alongside it, she wrote a long note explaining why she chooses to cover the white hair only when she feels like it and not due to any social obligation. Stating that her dad, who was worried that people will judge his daughter, recently questioned her on why wasn’t she covering her hair, Sameera wrote in her caption that although she did understand his concern, she was not concerned about people judging her or not finding her appealing. 

“My dad asked me why I’m not covering my white hair. He was worried about people judging me. I answered ‘So what if they did .. Did it mean I’m old. Not pretty. Not groomed. Not appealing?’ I told him that I’m not paranoid about it like I I used to be and that freedom is liberating,” Sameera Reddy wrote in her post. 

“I used to color every 2 weeks so nobody could catch that line of white. Today I take my own sweet time and choose to color if and when I feel like. He asked me why I should be the one to change the conversation? I said why not. I know I’m not alone. The shift and acceptance only begins when old thought processes are broken. When we can just let each other be. When confidence can just find it’s way naturally and not hidden behind a mask or cover. My dad understood. As I understood his concern as a father. Everyday we learn we move forward and we find peace in small shifts. And it’s those small steps that take us to much bigger places #happiness #acceptance #selflove #imperfectlyperfect,” Sameera added. 

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Days ago, Sameera had shared a collage of her then and now photo on Instagram. In one of the photos, a much younger and slimmer Sameera is seen dressed glamorously in a golden saree, the other was her current picture in which she is seen dressed in workout wear, flaunting her not-so-toned abs. 

While sharing the picture, she wrote, “Do you keep comparing yourself to what you were before? The healthiest thing you can do for your body and soul is to redefine and not get stuck on what used to be .The world will still judge but you don’t need to fall prey to that . Move forward . Don’t look back #imperfectlyperfect This fitness Friday I want to stay positive and thank my body for giving me so much support  #selflove #healing #bodypositive #fitness #fitnessmotivation #realmotherhood #fitnessfriday #letsdothis.”

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The 42-year-old often shares her journey and struggles as a mother on social media. She made her Bollywood debut in 2002 with ‘Maine Dil Tujhko Diya’ opposite Sohail Khan and Sanjay Dutt. She was last seen on screen in the Kannada film ‘Varadhanayaka’ in 2013.

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