Pune Lockdown: Steps to apply for e-pass amid COVID surge, 7 errors to avoid

As the Maharashtra government extended lockdown-like curbs in the state till June 1, Pune police have mentioned some of the most common mistakes that people make while applying for an e-pass for inter-district travel and how that can be avoided. Pune police have said that they have rejected more e-pass applications than they have accepted ever since the system was restored. 


Here is a list of errors that can be avoided for the convenience of the travellers needing an e-pass. 


Errors to avoid while applying for an e-pass 


  1. Not providing identity cards of yourself or your travelling companion while filing the application form
  2. Applicants not submitting COVID-19 Negative Certificate along with the application (test should be no more than 72 hours old)
  3. Not attaching the document related to the reason for travel
  4. Not attaching documents in a PDF format or submitting unclear, vague photos of these documents
  5. Not mentioning the current residence address
  6. Not mentioning the reason for travel in the application
  7. Citizens undertaking air travel not attaching a travel ticket or boarding pass to the application


Amid the deadly second wave of the novel coronavirus, the Maharashtra government had imposed a lockdown last month to break the transmission chain. An e-pass was also made compulsory for emergency-related inter-district and interstate travel. The same can be availed through covid19.mhpolice.in portal.


How do I apply for an e-pass online? 


  1. Visit https://covid19.mhpolice.in/registration
  2. Now, fill in the application form and provide all the details as asked
  3. Hit Submit
  4. An e-pass Reference Number will be generated. You can use that to check whether you have got the e-pass or not.


How do I check my e-pass status? 


  1. Visit https://covid19.mhpolice.in/status
  2. Key in your token number
  3. Hit submit.

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