Mother’s Day gift? Hugs and touches from kids after COVID separation

I am a touch-starved mother.

I haven’t had any tactile, come-to-mama contact with my children in over a year.

This Mother’s Day, I want a hug.

My kids are good-and-grown adults. They’ve lived on this earth for more than a minute, but never have so many minutes ticked by — more than a year’s worth! — where I haven’t been able to hug them or hold them or randomly reach out and hook my fingers through their fingers just because I feel like it. This makes me very sad, if only because their fingers are just so beautifully hookable.   

I’ve never gone this long.

The pain of physical distance is real

If you’re a mom who has been distanced from your child or children for these last way-too-many months because of COVID restrictions, I know you can relate. This isn’t phantom pain, either; it’s as sharp as the slice of the sharpest scalpel. This is pain that stings, which simply stinks.