Mirzapur Season 2 released before release day on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has released the highly awaited season 2 of Mirzapur three hours before the scheduled release.

All 10 episodes of Mirzapur season 2 has been released and streaming on amazon Prime Video.

with IMDB rating of 8.5, Mirzapur has been a turning point in terms of series in Indian OTT. It has not only amazed the Indian audience but attracted global viewership too.

Prime Video has even provided the free streaming of Mirzapur Season 1 in order to pacify the eagerness of audiences for the upcoming season.

In Mirzapur, revenge runs darker than blood. There is one title, the King of
Mirzapur, but many takers. Munna feels invincible after escaping from the wedding
massacre. Guddu and Golu are nowhere to be found. Akhandanand’s ambitions
soar as he eyes political power. Going beyond Purvanchal to the power corridors
of Lucknow and the streets of Bihar, there’s one question – who will rule Mirzapur?

Here is the synopsis of all 10 Episodes:

1. DHENKUL: The Gorakhpur wedding massacre is a thing of the past for Akhandanand Tripathi. His focus is now on the present – the business and conquering larger territory to remain the King of Mirzapur. Everyone who survived that violent night has come out a different person. Despite horrific memories, they know that survival is their only option.


2. KHARGOSH: The Tripathis, still unaware that Guddu and Golu are alive, continue to form new alliances. Munna impresses Bauji and Akhandanand with the way he has handled a negotiation. Akhandanand helps the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh close the wedding massacre chapter. Guddu, Golu and Dimpy who are still in hiding, reunite with a loyal partner and set their sights on Mirzapur.

3. VIKLANG QUOTA: Akhandanand’s woes in the bedroom lead him to the doors of a sexologist. Beena continues to be gripped by the traumatic incident she endured but finds a compelling reason to survive. Guddu has to push himself to think beyond his physical strength while Golu has to learn the ropes of the trade. They make use of Dimpy’s past friendship and end up sending the Tripathis a strong message.

4. BHAYMUKT: Akhandanand, but Munna thinks
differently. Akhandanand assigns Munna to take charge of youth canvassing in the state along with the CM’s daughter, Madhuri Yadav. Beena safeguards a big secret. Guddu and Golu’s alliance with Lala begins to affect Akhandanand’s
business. Golu decides to get Robin’s expertise. Sharad’s emotions overpower his thought process.

5. LANGDA: Akhandanand reprimands Munna and Sharad for their impulsive actions. Bablu’s
diary becomes a key in learning secrets about the Tripathi family for Golu. In order to impress Akhandanand Tripathi, Sharad introduces him and Munna to one of Bihar’s most powerful business family, the Tyagis. A fortunate coincidence triggers an unexpected alliance between parties that have a common goal.

6. ANKUSH: There has been a huge setback in the Tripathi family’s business, Akhandanand
smells a rat but uses this set back to his advantage. Munna is coerced in to taking
a big step in his life which makes the Tripathis’ political alliances stronger. Ramakant is surprised to find an unexpected ally. Golu makes a business proposition to Shatrughan, but it falls
through. The elections come to an end.

7. OOD BILAAV: Guddu and Golu are growing from strength to strength, Guddu strives to
become the bahubali of Balia. On the personal front, Guddu is getting closer to Shabnam, who asks him to let go of the past. Shatrugan doesn’t have the same influence in his family as his elder brother, a fact that Golu notices and uses to her
advantage. The wheels of a Adventuretic political coup are set in to motion.

8. CHAUCHAK: Sharad Shukla and JP Yadav successfully manage to dent Akhandanand’s political aspirations. JP Yadav then calls for a
debauche celebration with Zarina in private. After suffering a significant personal loss, Guddu takes upon an unexpected responsibility and Shabnam
agrees to help. Golu doesn’t take this too well as she feels Shabnam will come in the way of their larger objective.

9. BUTTERSCOTCH: Beena gives birth to a boy and is worried about the safety of the child. Lala is unhappy with Guddu’s closeness to Shabnam. Golu herself is in immense pain, questions what she has become. Maurya is frustrated with constant setbacks and decides to meet with the IG. Munna takes matters in his own hands when Maqbool’s lies are resurfaced. Loyalties are at stake as a repercussion of Munna’s actions.

10. KING OF MIRZAPUR: Beena confronts the horrors of her past, leaving the Tripathi household in chaos. Munna’s newfound power through Madhuri leads him to make a drastic
confrontation with Akhandanand. Dadda calls for a meeting with Mama, Shatrughan, and Bharat. Ramakant is forced to confront his own beliefs. Guddu and Golu assure Beena of the promise
they made. Sharad looks to bring his plan to a conclusion.