Kishwer Merchantt admires newborn baby Nirvair in new photo, hubby Suyyash Rai is ‘obsessing over him’

On Wednesday evening, Kishwer Merchantt shared a sweet photo of her son Nirvair Rai with her fans. On August 27, Kishwer and Suyyash Rai welcomed their first child. Kishwer captioned the photo on her Instagram account, “Admiring YOU.” Kishwer is seen cradling her son in the snap. She’s wearing a hoodie with the words ‘Not interested’ scrawled across it.

Suyyash also responded to the post. “Obsessing over him,” he said. The new father has also started posting images and videos of his child on social media.

Take a look at the post here-

Suyyash posted a video featuring his family earlier this month. As he announced his son’s name, he sang ‘Ik Onkar’.

Kishwer recently opened up on criticism she has faced as a new mother. While talking to HT, she said, “It was something that I have never been through. A woman’s body goes through so much in these 9 months, and then comes a C-section with so many medicines, and drips”.

“You also have to feed the baby, and then there is no production of milk properly on the first three days. You get frustrated, on top of it, you have people around you who are like ‘nahi breastfeeding is very important, do this and that. You feel people are judging you ke breast milk nahi de pa rahe ho. Bahut kuch hota hai”.

Talking about the journey she said, “It has been a roller coaster ride since the delivery. I have become a mom for the first time so it has been difficult, overwhelming, kabhi nice. Every time, when I see his face, I forget about all the things. But, yes, a lot of emotions are going on right now.”

The couple named their baby Nirvair because when Kishwer had sleepless nights, she would listen to ‘Ik onkar’ and that is where the name comes from.

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