Kareena Kapoor-Saif Ali Khan ‘liked the names’ Jehangir, Taimur for their sons, didn’t have a ‘pre-planned list’

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan have lately been on the receiving end of trolls after it was revealed that their second son’s name is not Jeh but Jehangir. Now, in a recent interview, the actress has revealed that she and Saif had never listed down any baby names before their sons, Taimur and Jeh were born.

Kareena and Saif became parents to Taimur Ali Khan in 2016 while they welcomed baby Jeh in February this year. Kareena in her recently released book titled ‘Pregnancy Bible’  had revealed Jehangir’s name. In a recent interview with NDTV, Kareena said that she and Saif went with the names Taimur and Jehangir for their sons as their family liked it.

“We never really…I don’t know…It was a (snaps fingers)…Even for Taimur also, you know, it was a name that we liked. The idea is that as a family we liked the names of our children. It’s not like we had a pre-planned list or anything. Aise kabhi nahin (It was never like that) we never really sat and even had that thought ke okay let’s write down. I think wo jo ek aata hai, ek feeling hai (it just came to us, it was a feeling), we both liked the name, we just named the kids that,” she said.

Kareena and Saif were massively trolled and criticised by a section of the internet after they revealed birth Taimur and Jehangir’s names. After coming out with Taimur’s name, netizens claimed that they have named him after the ‘Turkish invader’. The couple, however, clarified that his Taimur actually means iron.

After Jeh’s name was revealed as Jehangir, social media users believed that Saif and Kareena kept their son’s named after the ruthless Mughal emperor. After the entire controversy, Kareena I a recent interview shared how she is dealing with it.

“I have to start meditating now that I am pushed against the wall. We are talking about two innocent children here. I am a positive person and I want to spread happiness and positivity. There is no place for negativity in our lives. Look at what Covid-19 pandemic has done. It has brought the world closer. That’s what all of us should think about,” she said.

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