Kajol’s sister Tanishaa Mukerji calls nepotism ‘a rubbish argument’, says ‘I’m number one poster child of it failing’

The Nepotism debate has been a long-standing one in the industry and after Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise, it got highlighted even more. Recently, Kajol’s sister Tanishaa Mukerji has called Neptism a rubbish argument. She even called herself the ‘number one poster child of nepotism failing. 

In a conversation with ETimes, Tanishaa said, “Nepotism is a rubbish argument. It’s just a fancy word that people are using out of the context a lot of times. In today’s industry, if you are not working hard, you are not being seen. It is hard work. There are pros and cons to everything. A person, who is not a star kid and makes it big in the industry, they will talk about how difficult it was to get their first break. But they don’t have to deal with the pre-conceived notion that the whole world had about a star kid – yeh toh Dharmendra ka beta, isko toh Dharam paaji k tarah hona hai or yeh toh Tanuja ki beti hai, isko toh Tanuja ki tarah hona hai. No, they come with a blank slate. That’s a huge benefit in our industry. There are a lot of cons also. I am not denying it.” 

Tanishaa also gave examples of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor and how despite being star kids they have made a name in the industry purely because of their talents. 

She continued, “But in today’s industry, it is very difficult and all about hard work. When Alia came in the industry, there was so much expectations from her. And she has worked so hard in the industry and I think she is one of the most talented children. She is super talented as an actress. If she wasn’t this talented, she wouldn’t be this popular as she is. She lights up the screen and kills everyone with her performances. And you are telling me, she’s made it because she is a star kid? For that matter, even Ranbir! See them on-screen… they light it up. There’s Varun…they are all so talented and works so hard. And then there are non star kids, who are making it big.” 

Calling herself number one example of nepotism, being from a Bollywood family, and not making it big in the industry, Tanishaa feels ‘its a give and take’.

“Main toh nepotism ki number 1 example honi chahiye thi. I have got Rani (Mukerji) on one side, Ajay (Devgn) on one side, my mother is Tanuja, my sister is Kajol and I also have Ayan (cousin, director) in the family. I am number one poster child of nepotism failing. (laughs) All those people screaming nepotism, look at me and then talk. Some people will have a problem with what I have said, but some people will also say that she makes sense. It’s a give and take. It’s a beautiful time in the world to be out there and speaking your mind because people are having these conversations. And this is important,” she concluded.

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