Jaan Kumar Sanu Gets Scolded for ‘Anti-Marathi’ Remark on Bigg Boss 14, Apologises to Viewers

Jaan Kumar Sanu Gets Scolded for ‘Anti-Marathi’ Remark on Bigg Boss 14, Apologises to Viewers

On Wednesday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, Jaan Kumar Sanu was scolded by Bigg Boss over his “anti-Marathi” remark on the show. Following this, the singer apologised to viewers for hurting the sentiments of the Marathi-speaking audience.

In a recent episode of the show, Jaan asked his fellow contestant actor Nikki Tamboli to not speak in Marathi as it “irks” him. The singer further said Tamboli should talk to him in Hindi. His comments didn’t go down well with a section of social media users who called Jaan’s remarks “insulting” and “anti-Marathi.” In a brief statement posted on Twitter, TV channel Colors, which telecasts the reality show, also apologised for the singer’s statement.

Jaan said his comments were not intended to offend Marathi speaking people. “A few days ago, I unknowingly made a mistake that has hurt the sentiments of Marathi people. I’m sincerely sorry for this. It was never my intention to offend you. I would also like to apologise to Bigg Boss if I have embarrassed you. I will never repeat this mistake,” Jaan Kumar Sanu said on the show.

Meanwhile, the TV channel shared on Twitter, “We at Colors apologise for the remarks in relation to Marathi language made on the ‘Bigg Boss’ episode aired on Tuesday, 27th October. We had no intention of hurting sentiments of the people of Maharashtra.” Earlier, Ameya Khopkar, who heads the MNS film workers union, had posted on Twitter that if Jaan doesn’t apologise, they would halt the shooting of the show.

Bigg Boss, now in its 14th season, is hosted by superstar Salman Khan. The show went on air earlier this month.

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