‘I wasn’t the perfect mom’: Kareena Kapoor Khan reveals she didn’t know how to clean Taimur’s poop

Kareena Kapoor Khan gave birth to her second kid in February of this year. In her recently published book titled ‘Pregnancy Bible’, the actress has shared her story of accepting motherhood twice.

 The recently launched book has her experiences and pregnancy learnings.

Kareena also mentioned how she wasn’t a perfect mom when Taimur was born

An excerpt from her book reads, “I wasn’t the most perfect mom the first time around. There is joy in messing up. I didn’t know how to clean Taimur’s poop or put on his diaper properly in the beginning. His pee leaked so often because his mother didn’t secure his diaper perfectly. But here is some advice — mother to mother: it’s about you and your comfort; do what is easy, do what works. When a mother is confident and comfortable, the baby senses it too. It’s why I returned to work so quickly.”

She also narrated how difficult it was to leave the kids back home when she went off for shoots.

 “I remember leaving Taimur behind and going to night shoots with a crew of 150 people. I was so torn — trying to be professional on the shoot, while aching for my baby. I have jumped back into my commitments soon after having Jeh too, though I definitely feel less rushed. It’s normal to feel guilty. But trust me when I say Taimur doesn’t love me any less today because I got my life back soon after I had him, and neither will Jeh. There is nothing like doing what you want to do. I will have one kid at my hand and another in my lap. I will be a mom and I will go back to work. I will rock all of it,” she wrote.

For the unversed, On Wednesday, a Christian group took issue with the title of a book authored by actress Kareena Kapoor and filed a police complaint in Beed, Maharashtra, charging her and two others of injuring religious emotions in the community.

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