Gul Panag shares her photo ‘taken on a bad day’ to inspire fans, says ‘one has to look for optimism in dark places’

Actress and fitness enthusiast is very active on Instagram. She enjoys a massive fan following of half a million on Instagram. The former Miss India shares happy moments from her life with fans. However, setting an example, and speaking her mind out, Gul Panag on Wednesday (July 14) shared a photo of herself ‘taken on a bad day’ to remind her fans that not all days are good days and the actress also feels ‘helpless and hopeless at times’.

In the selfie, Gul can be seen in a black t-short and a no make up face. Her eye are red and swollen and her hair are tied in a pony. The actress seems to be sad in the photo.

While sharing the picture, Gul wrote in the caption, “It’s not all joy and achievement. And goal accomplishment. I have bad days too. (This picture is taken on a bad day. ) I also get overwhelmed. I also feel helpless and hopeless at times. I also go into a room and have a cry. Every achievement, big or small, is punctuated by days when you feel you are worthless, that you are going to fail. Or that you can’t go on.”

She further wrote, “However, one needs to dig deep and find the strength to carry on. One has to motivate one self, and remind one self that ‘this too shall pass’. That life is like a Sine curve. One has to look for optimism in dark places . And find it. There will be road blocks, often self created, but one has to find a way to circumvent them.”

The actress then shares ‘tools’ that help her cope on bad days.

She wrote, “Having said that, sometimes one isn’t able to surface, no matter what . That’s the time to seek help. From friends and family. And if the need arises, from a trained professional. I have some tools that I’ve acquired over the years that help me cope on bad days. One is to go for a run( not a workout, because that takes greater will). The second is to hit pause , and quickly list out 5 things I’m grateful for in that moment. How do you deal with bad days ?”

“P.S. Why am I sharing this? Because I want you all to know that I’m humbled when so many of you say kind things to me . That I inspire you .( That is a huge responsibility). I want you all to know that it’s not all dream chasing and goal setting and achieving. It’s not all slaying . I don’t have it all together. No one does. P.P.S. I take photos on bad days. So that I can appreciate the good days,” Gul said.

“Lastly , today is not a bad day. I pulled this out for perspective. Because the previous post got so many of you writing it with nice things. I wonder if anyone will read till the bottom?,” she concluded in her post.

On the work front, Gul Panag was last seen in Anushka Sharma produced web show ‘Paatal Lok’ alongside Jaideep Ahlawat. She was also seen in ‘Pawan and Pooja’ which also starred Taarak Raina and Natasha Bharadwaj.

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