Google Assistant is useful for many things including translation, know unknown features

Google Assistant is useful for many things including translation, know unknown features


  • Google Assistant is mostly used by Android users, but they are not aware of all its features.

    Google Voice Assistant works to make the work of users easier. It can be used not only for playing and calling songs but also for other things.

    We have told about some of its features here, which few people are aware of.

  • Google assistant lens

  • The feature of Assistant Lens given in Google Assistant is very special. Through this feature, users can get information about any item.

    Many times it happens that an object is placed in front of you and you do not know its name, then you do not need to ask any person about it.

    You can easily find out about it by using Google Assistant lens.

  • How to use Google Assistant lens?

  • For this, you have to go to Google Assistant and give the command of Google Assistant Lens. Now the camera has to be moved in front of that object or stuff. After doing this, a black dot will appear on the screen and after a few seconds its information will be revealed to you.

  • Google interpreter mode

    Google interpreter mode
  • Some people are fond of reading different languages ​​and want to know what it means.

    They do not need Google Translator to translate any language.

    They can easily translate the language using Google Assistant’s interpreter mode.

    To use it, the user has to give the command of Google Interpreter Mode. After that the translator box will open. Now they can translate by giving commands.

  • Google assistant narrates news

  • Many people are not fond of reading news papers, but they want to know the latest news daily. For this also a feature has been given in Google Assistant.

    For this, they have to open Google Assistant and give good morning command. After this, he will tell them everything from the temperature of the city to the news of the country.

    They can easily listen to the news while drinking tea and doing their other jobs. In this way you can make Google Assistant useful.