Experience the New Flagship Like Intelligent Camera Features with Samsung Galaxy A71 & A51

Photographs and videos are all about making your precious moments last forever. Our smartphones enable us to capture our world and help share it with everyone we love. Samsung Galaxy A series phones have continued to impress everyone with an innovative set of smartphone camera solutions.

Samsung has now introduced its flagship-level camera features to its Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 smartphones. These new Galaxy A series phones come with an impressive set of camera specs and loaded with useful features. These phones will help you capture stunning photos on your smartphone, without a sweat.

Let’s take a look at some of the major new camera features in Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 phones:

Single Take makes capturing precious moments easier than ever

Every single time you have to capture a photo, you spend some time thinking about the right mode to use. With Single Take, you can simply eliminate that stage, and carry on with your life. This feature is normally available in Samsung’s flagship series devices, such as the Galaxy S20 series, but thanks to a fresh software update, you can now use Single Take on your Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 smartphone too.

With Single Take, powerful artificial intelligence-based software lets you capture the best photos and videos at the tap for a button. When you capture content using Single Take, you’ll end up with up to a maximum of 7 photos & 3 videos based on the moment and lighting condition. These include Best Moment, Filters, Smart Crop, and Original video, Hyper lapse, and Boomerang.

Night hyperlapse helps create magical night-time videos

The new Night Hyperlapse feature lets you shoot amazing hyperlapse videos under low light conditions. If you’re looking to create a beautiful artsy video to impress everyone on your social media channels or friends and family on instant messaging, you can easily create a stunning night-time video using the new Night Hyperlapse mode on your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71.

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The advanced low-light capturing capabilities, powered by innovative software lets you easily shoot and capture long exposure-style videos that look exquisite. Now you can also become a pro photographer, with just your Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71

Custom Filter to add that personal touch to your photos

Your smartphone camera usually comes with a set of filters you can apply to your photos. Most phones won’t let you customise these filters, but on your Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71, you can now customise your photos easily with this feature.

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You can customise your photos by creating a custom filter from your favourite photos. You can easily pick a photo and create filters that will add the colours and vibes of those photos into new photos. You can save as many custom filters you want, and these will be added to the Camera app so that you can easily use them for your photos later on.

Smart Selfie Angle makes your selfies extra special

Almost all modern smartphones let you capture selfies. But when you’re taking selfies with your friends, that’s when your current smartphone camera could be failing you. The new Smart Selfie Angle feature on the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 lets you switch automatically to a wide-angle mode whenever there are two or more people involved in a selfie.

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The new Smart Selfie Angle mode lets you easily capture stunning selfies with your friends, without losing focus on any of them, thereby ensuring you end up with beautiful selfies that you can share all across. You can easily switch between modes manually as well.

Quick Video makes sure you don’t miss any moment

Never miss an important moment in your life by fiddling with smartphone camera modes. The new Quick Video mode in the Samsung Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71 lets you capture a video by long-pressing the camera button to kick off the recording. You won’t have to manually switch to the video recording mode in the camera.

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Quick Video is essential to capture those precious few seconds of moments which you’ll cherish for a long time in the future. It makes capturing videos simpler and easier, especially while you’re on the move.

Switch Camera While Recording is perfect for vlogging and live videos

You can now seamlessly switch between front and rear cameras while recording a video on your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71. You don’t have to stop recording to switch cameras anymore, making it more convenient and efficient to capture great videos. The feature is easy-to-use, and can help you save a lot of time while making your life quite simple. The feature is also quite useful while broadcasting live videos. You can show the best of both worlds while you’re interacting with your friends over a live video by switching between front and rear cameras.

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AI Gallery Zoom to improve older photos

Captured a blurry image? Your Samsung Galaxy A51 or Galaxy A71 can now help you improve those blurry photos. With AI Gallery Zoom, your smartphone can improve the quality of your blurry photos and turn simple pixelated photos into better-looking much sharper photos. All the magic is done right there on your smartphone.

AI Gallery Zoom is super useful when you’ve got older photos from your previous smartphone that you want to re-share or reuse. It’s also great when you’re sharing blurry photos on your social media profiles as it helps you improve the overall quality of photos easily.

With all these powerful features, the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 smartphones have the power to turn you into a professional photographer. These innovative flagship-grade features are now more accessible than ever, thanks to a simple software upgrade.

Camera hardware that does all the behind-the-scenes magic

Samsung Galaxy A51 comes with a 48-megapixel quad camera setup while the Galaxy A71 features a 64-megapixel quad rear camera setup. Besides the primary camera, these phones also come with an ultra-wide-angle lens, a macro camera, and a depth sensor. All these different cameras power different modes to help you capture your world in the best available details.

From offering a close-up to impressing everyone on your social feed with a beautiful night-mode photo, these cameras can do it all. The powerful camera setup on the Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 is built to capture just about any moment and help make it extra special for you.

Samsung Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 also pack a powerful processor that helps process all your smartphone photography. The phones are great for everything from playing your favourite mobile games to binge-watching all the popular TV shows. They come with large batteries and a gorgeous display as well. You can safely buy them at nearby Samsung retail outlets, Samsung e-store, on aggregators such as Amazon India or Flipkart.

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