Dunkin’ employee Corey Pujols charged with manslaughter

A Florida man is facing a manslaughter charge after punching a 77-year-old man who allegedly called him a racial slur. The man died two days later.

Corey Pujols, 27, is charged with aggravated manslaughter of an elderly or disabled adult with a weapon after police say he punched a man while working at a Dunkin’ in Tampa, WFLA-TV reported. 

Police told WFLA that the victim was in the drive-thru when he became upset due to the lack of service on May 5. The victim was asked to leave but instead parked his car, went inside the doughnut shop and an argument ensued between the man and Pujols, police said. 

Pujols, who is Black, told police that the victim was a regular customer but was “extremely rude” that day, according to the Tampa Bay Times. He said the man called him a racial slur and that he asked him to repeat it.