DNA Exclusive: Neha Dhupia on judging reality shows, challenges of WFH, balancing time with daughter Mehr

Neha Dhupia had a busy year amid the coronavirus pandemic as she was busy with the shoot of ‘MTV Roadies’ as a leader. The actor has also been balancing her work and looking after her two-year-old baby girl Mehr Dhupia Bedi. Now, Neha has been busy judging another reality show which is ‘Made on Roposo’ along with Farah Khan Kunder and Mukesh Chhabra. Ahead of the finale which will be held on June 25, 2021, we caught up with Neha for a quick chat.


What excited you to come on board for ‘Made on Roposo’?

For me, the fact that there are content creators involved, the fact that it’s a different kind of reality show, that’s the most important thing, right? When you are living in a DNA, where most of us are locked up, don’t have the opportunity to step out and be on reality shows. I think we’re also as a platform is giving people and creators the opportunity and the incentive to maximize their potential in whatever way they can. I don’t want to beat my own trumpet, but then to be able to make videos and to be able to be judged by, whether it’s song dancing in that field by Farah. Whether it’s acting guided by Mukesh Chhabra. Even when it comes to and lifestyle, I’m somebody who can give a fair judgement. So I just feel like all in all, it just sounded like it was the right thing to do. This is the time for creators and influencers, you either need to have a creative voice or an influential voice and then maybe you go unnoticed.

As a judge what is it that you look for in talent?

I feel like somebody who can actually show their maximum potential in the least amount of time. That’s why short format videos on Roposo will make so much sense. You don’t have an endless number of hours to actually showcase your talent. The first and most important thing that everybody’s, attention span right now, between 30 to 55 seconds, was consuming content. Having content in your pocket has made the world that, secondly, making sure what you’re best at. I guess some people who enjoy singing, they’re really good dancers. But, you don’t want to showcase something you enjoy, you want to take something you’re really good at, that’s something else and interesting. Most importantly, how creative you can get in that as far as dancing, fitness or fashion or acting as categories, they are very narrow, but yet very wise to see how creative you can get.

Did you find anything challenging when it comes to working from home for these kinds of shows?

Yeah, I mean, there’s so much when it comes to working from home. I can’t tell you that, there’s a flipside to that. Of course, it’s taught us so much. It has taught us things like especially when it comes to making sure that simple things like for instance, you’re literally going to have makeup and hair and filing and now you realise, you can be without that. Otherwise, there’s no other provided Needless to say, there’s a finale happening. I’m super excited to be back on set. I was just doing an interview right now. I said that there was a bit of joy in just sitting in a vanity van and somebody looking after you, it’s going to be something that, I look forward to.

But especially when you’re a mom, and you have a child, you need to manage your time. There’s a reason why, when you’re living in your own house, you can’t deny your child, or you can’t explain to a two and a half year old that ‘don’t come to this side, because this is mama’s camera angle’. So there are lots of things that come in the way with work from home, but the blessing of work from home is at least you are working, from home, as opposed to not doing anything at all.

What is about judging reality shows that you like the most?

The fact that people can invest as much faith in you, that you could be one of the main, or you could be a huge reason or a sole factor in deciding someone’s fate. It’s a very big, important and responsible position to be in. Secondly, just to be able to see this immense sea of talent of people, where you sit and learn so much more. The people, the creators who are coming on Roposo and showcasing their talent, their demographic is different. I’m older than them, the average age that’s coming is between 19 and 24, I would imagine seeing what they’re doing. I actually learned so much more from them than I would imagine they would from me.

You are an actor, a host, a reality show judge. Is there something from your professional journey which you enjoy the most doing?

This aspect yes, to be able to be a judge or a mentor would be something that will interest me. My first love will always be acting, there’s no taking away from that. When I get an acting job, everybody knows that I would always drop everything else in go do it. I also do lots of things. So I have a huge trading community that I run ‘Freedom to Feed’ where I have 1000 parents. We discuss and talk about what’s good for us or our children all of the responsibilities you need to look at. Plus I’m a mom, so… But to answer your question, make it absolutely precise, acting would be my first love.

Now that finale is around the corner, what are you most excited about?

I feel like going back on the set, seeing great talent, being given the opportunity to do just something with Farah and Mukesh. Most importantly, being associated with an app like Roposo, that everybody loves and follows.

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