CDC updated masks guidance but don’t harass people who still wear them

The tough questions that have come up as we face what we hope are the waning days of this pandemic can easily cramp our brains with trauma. When and how should we travel? Should everyone who has been lucky enough to work at home go back to the office? Should I hug my grandma while I have a chance?  

One answer, however, is simple. Possibly too simple. If you don’t like the idea of fully vaccinated people wearing masks outside, don’t wear one. 

That’s how personal liberty works. If my breathing holes aren’t treading on you, they’re none of your business. Move on. Worry about something else. 

Still upset by the sight of someone showing respect for their fellow humans or more than half a million dead Americans? Or maybe following doctor’s orders about their own private medical issues, like cancer? Congratulations, you’re doing your best to make sure we never get out of this mess.