CDC to ease indoor mask guidance for fully vaccinated people

The CDC is expected Thursday to to relax guidelines for wearing masks indoors in a decision with major implications.

The new guidance will say that fully vaccinated people can safely stop wearing masks inside most places, The Associated Press reported.

The rules will still call for wearing masks in crowded indoor settings such as buses, planes, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters but could ease restrictions for reopening workplaces and schools. In addition, the agency will no longer recommend that fully vaccinated people wear masks outdoors in crowds, possibly allowing for bigger capacities at sporting events.

Already, just about any adult in the country can get vaccinated whenever they want, and maybe claim a prize. In New Orleans, a jab can get you a bucket of crawfish; in Ohio it could be $1 million.

Vaccine hesitancy remains an issue. Prince Harry called out comedian Joe Rogan for suggesting on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast that young, healthy adults need not get vaccinated. “You’ve got to be careful about what comes out of your mouth,” said the British prince on the “Armchair Expert” podcast that was released Thursday.