Black, Hispanic Americans see race central to identity in new data

Black and Hispanic Americans are likelier to view race as central to their identities than white Americans, according to a report released Thursday by the non-partisan non-profit Pew Research Center.

Black Americans (55%) and Hispanics (54%) reported their origins were central to their identity at more than twice the rate of white Americans (23%). 

“For Black Americans, in other surveys, we’ve found many grow up aware of their background as their parents are more likely to discuss how their background may impact their life opportunities,”  said Dr. Mark Lopez, director of race and ethnicity research at Pew. 

The data come as America faces a racial reckoning long in the making, particularly in the past year, as videos of police violence in communities of color and protests have roiled cities across the country. The friction over race reaches nearly every part of American life, from the coronavirus pandemic to how children learn about race and history in schools.