‘Bigg Boss OTT’: Suyyash Rai calls Karan Johar ‘loser’, comes out in support of Divya Agarwal and Zeeshan Khan

‘Bigg Boss OTT’ has been generating a lot of talk.  Divya Agarwal and host Karan Johar had a verbal spat on last night’s Sunday Ka Vaar show. Many people have taken sides since then. Fans praised Divya for standing up for herself. Suyyash Rai, a Bigg Boss 9 contestant, has now reacted to KJo and Divya’s altercation. He expressed his support for Divya.

Divya had expressed her desire to vote Karan Johar out of the competition. Regarding this, Karan advised Divya not to mention his name within the house if she couldn’t respect him. He argued she was a contestant and he was the show’s host when she sought to defend herself. He went on to say that she shouldn’t try to play Bigg Boss with him because he isn’t in the house with her. Divya tried to explain that it wasn’t her goal, but he yelled at her again, telling her to ‘mind her words.’

Watching the episode, Suyyash Rai defended Divya and wrote certain things on his Instagram stories.

He wrote, “He has lost the plot”. “Dear KJo, come lemme bust your bubble!!! U ain’t Salman Khan. Try talking sense.” He added in another, “Never knew KJo is such a loser.” “Dear KJo you fkin check your tone next time then expect others to speak with you nicely. And you better not point that finger of yours at Divya. Do all this with YOUR SHAMITA,” he wrote. He also wrote, “Filmein banao, wahin tak theek hai.”

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He also expressed that he was upset with how Karan treated Zeeshan Khan.

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This is the first time the reality show has included a unique digital component. With the commencement of Season 15, ‘Bigg Boss’ will effortlessly transition to ColorsTv following the completion of the digital exclusive.

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