‘Bigg Boss OTT’ Day 16: Pratik Sehajpal-Neha Bhasin, Millind Gaba-Akshara Singh are the new house connections

After former ‘Bigg Boss’ contestant Hina Khan caused a stir in the house, day 16 of ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ started with Shamita Shetty finding it difficult to make food for the housemates and even praised Akshara for her cooking skills. This prompted Raqesh Bapat to request Akshara Singh to resume her cooking duties. 

Divya Agarwal, who has now completely broken her friendship with Shamita, then cribbed about how the contestants take the people who cook food for granted. Pratik Sehajpal and Neha Bhasin have formed a bittersweet friendship with each other in the house. However, Akshara, Moose Jattana and Nishant Bhat taunted Pratik-Neha and said something might be brewing between them. This irked Neha, who says that she is married and something like this should be said.

Bigg Boss gave connections a task where the contestants were given the opportunity to change their connections. But unlike the premier day, where girls made the decisions, this time boys had the ball in their court. 

Girls were required to present their heart to a boy they want to form a connection with. The boy in tune could either accept the heart or break it and toss it. After the task, Raqesh-Shamita, Nishant-Moose and Divya-Zeeshan kept their connections intact.

Pratik also accepted Akshara’s heart. But Neha opened up on how she feels judged by Milind Gaba all the time and said she would rather stay alone that go through that. This caused Pratik to throw Akshara’s heart in the bin and said he felt this wold help him move forward in the game. Ultimately, Akshara-Milind and Pratik-Neha formed new connections.

After Neha’s dumped him as her partner, Milind felt hurt and abandoned and called her a fake person. Akshara also felt saddened by Pratik’s decision but accepted that at the end of the day its a game and things like these will happen. 

Bigg Boss told contestants that their performance of the day was like by viewers and they won’t get any punishment. ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ is currently being hosted by ace filmmaker Karan Johar. After airing on Voot for six weeks, the show will shift to its TV version ‘Bigg Boss 15’ on Colors Tv and will be hosted by Salman Khan.  

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