#ArrestSwaraBhaskar trends on Twitter after actor’s latest tweet – here’s what she wrote

Everyone has been shaken to their core by the Afghanistan crisis. Celebrities and the common man are both tweeting and blogging about it on social media. Swara Bhaskar is another celeb who has done so. Her viewpoint, on the other hand, has enraged the Twittersphere.

In her 1st tweet, she wrote, “We can’t be okay with Hindutva terror & be all shocked & devastated at Taliban terror.. & We can’t be chill with #Taliban terror; and then be all indignant about #Hindutva terror! Our humanitarian & ethical values should not be based on identity of the oppressor or oppressed.”

She rephrased it and said, Let me rephrase! The #Taliban doesn’t deserve our nuance .. notwithstanding American Imperialism which is wrong and must be critiqued. But Taliban does not deserve nuance. Recognise their many many evils and wrongdoings!

Her tweets hurt people’s sentiments hence, #ArrestSwaraBhaskar is trending on Twitter.

Take a look at what netizens had to say about her tweet-

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Many people are offended by Swara Bhaskar’s post. They believe it is a slur on Hindus and only serves to fuel further animosity.

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